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The Oklahoma beer industry and the Beer Distributors of Oklahoma have long had a positive economic impact on the state of Oklahoma and local economies. Now, a new study reconfirms what those in the industry have known all along….the beer industry is a very real economic engine nationally and in Oklahoma. The study, entitled Beer Serves America, and commissioned by the National Beer Wholesalers Association and the Beer Institute, reveals that job creation and payroll, along with property, income and excise taxes continues to grow in Oklahoma, and BDO reinvestment in and support of local communities is having a very significant economic impact.


The old saying “the proof is in the pudding” is certainly true when analyzing the economic facts of the beer industry:

  • The Oklahoma beer industry, including brewers, distributors, retailers and industry-related professions, provides over 17,000 jobs in Oklahoma.
  • The Oklahoma beer industry comprises over $99 million in wage and salary value.
  • The Oklahoma beer industry provides over $1.9 million annually to Oklahoma communities through supporting local charities and events.
  • The Oklahoma beer industry, including brewers, distributors, retailers and consumers, annually generates over $121 million in business and personal taxes as well as federal, state, local and consumption taxes for a total annual economic impact of $641 million.

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